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HaxLife.com Community Haxball Forum Theme

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HaxLife.com Community Haxball Forum Theme
06-02-2018, Saat: 02:18

Helllo, HaxLife.com Community, i want to give some information about our Haxball.com Forum HaxLife.com theme. Our theme has different settings, which authorize you to change settings for your style.

HaxLife.com Theme Settings
  • General Settings
  • Background Pattern Settings
  • Theme Style Settings
You can reach these settings from top right.

General Settings
In general settings section you can change theme width. Default is "1000"
And you can change Color Scheme. We have 2 Different Color Scheme. First one is white, second one is black
You can change these functions according to your personal pleasure.

Background Pattern Settings
In background pattern settings, we have 9 different awesome, beautiful backgrounds. You can change it to your pleasure.
First one is the default background pattern, I am using the fourth background pattern. But again, as i said, it depends on your personal like.

Theme Style Settings
In theme style settings, again we have 9 different beautiful, amazing backgrounds. We don't know your pleasure, thats why you can change them to your pleasure. First one is the default theme style. I am using fifth theme style. I can offer you to try red and green theme styles.

I am happy that, If I helped those who do not know these settings. Now, go and organize your theme according to your own pleasure and continue your fun in HaxLife.com
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