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4v4 League Rules

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4v4 League Rules
23-11-2017, Saat: 18:52

.1)The Matches will be played on Wednesday and Sunday at 21.30 CET.  Plus League Wednesday and Sunday at 20.30 CET.  
2) A Team, who gets 3 defloss will be kicked from the league.
3) The Games will be played on a neutral host, where both Teams have good ping and agreed to play. If there is no solution at finding a neutral host, ask the Admins/Supporters.
4) The right to Wildcard a game is 6. You need to WC a game 1 hour ( 20:30 CET ) before the game, otherwise it will not count as a wildcard and the team gets a defloss, if they can not play.
5) If there is no record and the parties accept the score, the score is entered exactly but the statistics are not reflected in the kingdoms.
6) The final time to post the result to forum is 00.00 CET at the Matchday.
7) You can enter the room in a 4+1 way.. For this reason, it is enough to have 10 slot rooms at matches. You have the right to change twice. The outgoing player may re-enter. Player change can only be made after goals or before the second half starting. If the opponent allows it, it can be done at the moment of the match.
8) There is no transfer period. Transfer can be made up to 1 hour before the match. 
9) If a team leaves the haxball room during a match while they are losing, the result at the moment of the leave counts.
10) The teams have unlimited transfer rights.The players have transfer rights.
11) The results of the matches played so far by the team that has left or dropped from the league will not get changed.
12) Matches deferred with Wildcard must be played until the next game of the next week. You need to communicate with your opponent beforehand in order to avoid any problems with the match day in wildcard's thread. If teams keep in with themselves and then admins say okay, wildcard match can play 1 day after due date.                
13) Players who insult or swear against the opponent during the match will receive a match penalty if the opponent complains.
14) Matches will be played in 3 def rule.
15)The player who plays fake and the captain who let him play fake will not be able to play any games in the rest of the season. If the game played by a fake player is detected, the opponent team will get a defwin for this match.
16) Both Teams need to REC the game and the result must be reported until 23:59 of Matchday. If there is no post until than, there will be given both Teams Defloss.
17)In case of the same amount of points, the direct comparison (head to head). is decisive.In case of tied direct comparison, the goal difference. is decisive.In case of the same goal difference, the amount of scored goals is decisive.
18)The Name of the Team and the Captain can not be changed until end of the season.
19)Every Team has to have at least 6 and at most 14 players in Line-Up
20)On the day of the match, if a Team is not in the room until 21:40, the other Team has the right to take defwin for this match.
21) The pause can be made at the beginning of the match, the result of the agreement on the 2 sides. In case of pausing in very important positions, the management will decide to make a decision.
22) Those players, who plays in the league needs to play with exactly this name, with whom he signed in the forum. ( If the player has 2 words in his name, he at least shall use one word)
23) The first three teams and 2nd league champion will go CL.This is our primary purpose, bring up excitement to encourage teams to enter 2nd league.
24) Playoff system (like nba) will be held to provide excitement and stability in the league. We have made such a decision because  many good teams have not been able to  get good results that they want so far and the season completely influenced the quality of league.
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